Sonja Schenkel – Never Get Stuck on Your Self-Identification

Sonja Schenkel is a Filmmaker and Innovation Counsultant. “In order to meet the challenges we face in a world that is changing ever faster,” she says, “we have to become more fluid in our thinking. In labs like the Impact Hub people learn to think across the borders of their disciplines.”

Sonja Schenkel, PhD. – I am a practicing Artist and Consultant. I help people and organizations to innovate, collaborate and develop their capacity for change. My work consists of Creative Empowerment and Capacity Building, Change Labs and Specific Assignments. For the past years, I have worked in bridging science and art, the public sector and the corporate world by developing tailor-made change process, creativity enhancements and collaborative innovation.
With a PhD in Sustainable Development and over ten years of experience in different forms of communication for change, I have a particular interest in issues related to sustainability, social innovation and accountability. Beyond my analytical tool box , I use change labs, collaborative design settings, concise qualitative & quantitative research, visual media and methods of knowledge management in any suitable form.

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