Etienne Abelin – I’m Happy If I Build Things With High SOCIAL IMPACT

Etienne is a Swiss musician and cultural entrepreneur. He talks about how to make classical music more accessible, about freelancing, basic income and how his job as a music teacher helps him to take on bigger risks as an entrepreneur. For him the social impact of the endeavor is the first priority, being financially sustainable is only a tool for making that possible.
Etienne is a Swiss musician and cultural entrepreneur known as an innovator in classical music. Among the organizations and formats he initiated are the Ynight – Classical in Club (“Best of 2013” Tagesanzeiger Zurich), the Apples & Olives Indie Classical Festival Zurich, Superar Suisse – Sistema inspired music learning in Switzerland and the Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra. He recorded with pianist Nik Bärtsch for ECM, performs with bachSpace – Bach & Electronics and held two TEDx talks/performances. Etienne is a member of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and was the principal second violin of the Orchestra Mozart Bologna, both founded by Claudio Abbado.

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