Melanie Stump – As Long As I Can Pay My Rent, I Will Keep Going

Melanie Stump is working on a startup that would dramatically impact the quality of life of patients who have suffered from brain injuries. She intimately familiar with their needs, because she was also personally affected. This mission is so important for her, that she’ll keep going as long as she can.

After recovering from a brain injury, Melanie knew from experience how difficult this time still is for both, the patients and their friends & family members. In summer 2015 she decided to take a break from her work as a Hotel Asset Manager to start the project e-braininjury: Whilst usually many people in a patient’s social environment would like to offer help, it often turns out too complicated. The solution e-braininjury allows patients to safely increase their autonomy and enables each friend and family member to help out according to their own possibilities and limitations.


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